Monday, 14 February 2011


Main website

We are going to be doing a website on child abuse, it will be based on the charity NSPCC. A name we have come up with for it is SCA which stands for Stop Child Abuse, however we may not use that name; but it is simple and easy for a child to remember and the logo could be made simple yet effective. Our slogan will be something along the lines of ‘Don’t Hurt The Children, Love The Children’. There will be eight pages on the website:

·      Home page.
·      Contact page.
·      Donation page.
·      Information page.
·      Helpline page.
·      How to get involved.
·      Past experience page.
·      News page (about fund raising events etc)

There will be audio and image parts to our website. They will be on the home page and depending on what the other pages are, they may be on certain other pages. Images and audio ideas:

·      Images of children, and maybe there story to go with it to make it more powerful and effective.
·      Perhaps a song or tune on the home page, or maybe even throughout the website.
·      Video for advertising, i.e. like the NSPCC advert where we see abused children and text next to them to tell their story.
·      Maybe videos of some of our volunteers and some of the work they have done.
·      Maybe a video or two of abused children’s past experiences an how our charity helped etc.

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