Sunday, 1 May 2011

First we drew our logo on a piece of paper to try and work out what we wanted once we had decided we started to design it on the computer. We tried out lots of different colour but in the end we went for quite carm bright colours. To draw our logo we used different shape tools to end up with our end out come which is below.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Final marking

Mia - you haven't completed the preliminary website! That's 15 marks down the drain, for no reason at all! Your blog needs some tidying up, and the main site isn't fully functional, so there's work to be done. Please make sure that you use the list on the front page of the website. This is absolutely vital and will stop you throwing marks away that you can easily have.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Preparation and planning

This is the link to the page with everything for Planning and Preparation: this is 20% of your mark, ie two whole grades.
Make sure everything is ticked off. There are also lists on the wall in the media room.
On Monday you should have shotlists, storyboard (for your video), survey completed, six annotated pages completed.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Main website

We are going to be doing a website on child abuse, it will be based on the charity NSPCC. A name we have come up with for it is SCA which stands for Stop Child Abuse, however we may not use that name; but it is simple and easy for a child to remember and the logo could be made simple yet effective. Our slogan will be something along the lines of ‘Don’t Hurt The Children, Love The Children’. There will be eight pages on the website:

·      Home page.
·      Contact page.
·      Donation page.
·      Information page.
·      Helpline page.
·      How to get involved.
·      Past experience page.
·      News page (about fund raising events etc)

There will be audio and image parts to our website. They will be on the home page and depending on what the other pages are, they may be on certain other pages. Images and audio ideas:

·      Images of children, and maybe there story to go with it to make it more powerful and effective.
·      Perhaps a song or tune on the home page, or maybe even throughout the website.
·      Video for advertising, i.e. like the NSPCC advert where we see abused children and text next to them to tell their story.
·      Maybe videos of some of our volunteers and some of the work they have done.
·      Maybe a video or two of abused children’s past experiences an how our charity helped etc.

Monday, 7 February 2011

In today lesson we got into pairs to start our main website. I paired up with Maddie and we started researching what children's charity websites were like. Mostly we found that the layouts were a very simple design but also very bright and colourful making it easy for the audience to use and in these cases the websites are also there for children, so it is important that these website are easy to navigate your way around. Each website we looked at had a consistent colour scheme and the colours were usually quite bright and vibrant colours but not too distracting, making it aesthetically pleasing for the audience. We also noticed that each of the websites but one had their logo's in the top left hand corner with nothing around them to distract the audience from them. There is also visual aid on each of the homepages of the websites to make it more interesting for the audience that are viewing the website, especially for the younger audience. The links and navigation bars are all very easy to use and clearly places to make it very easy to use.If the audience found using these hard, there is also search bars on each of the websites. looking at the different websites has given and shown us idears of what we need to do for ours

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The list -

Hi Mia -
The blog looks nice, and maybe you'd like to check your posts against this list and see if you can get the rest posted up this week!

Creating your blog.
Using a camera introduction
Photoshop your picture/s and post to blog.
Research on four school websites: 400 words short essay.
Catchup, including survey, annotated websites.
Draft brief for preliminary site.
Page layout.
Photoshop, first artwork.


Friday, 21 January 2011

17th january

in this lesson we looked and choose a photo to photoshop choose a picture of lewis tear and cropped him out the picture and set it in a different background i also made him red.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

14th january

in this lesson we went outside in two groups and took photos of each other, the photos were very different, some were formal some were sad we then downloaded the photos on to the computer and looked to see which ones were ok to use and the ones that wernt.

13th of january

our first lesson we made our own blogspot this is somewhere where we can post our work. and to keep a diary of what we have done .